Sell a Business Trois-Rivières QC

Selling your business is a serious decision. You put in a lot of hard work into this venture but now it’s time to move on. Having a business for sale requires knowing business valuation and writing a selling memorandum, which is very similar to a business plan because you need to include executive summary, a business description, financial requirements, target market niche, identification of top management, an operations review, analysis of strengths and weaknesses, and current financial statements and projections. It’s also extremely important you find the right team to help you access and market sale. You will need to consult with an accountant, business lawyer, and most important business broker. Here you will find experienced business brokers in Trois-Rivières, QC listed below.

Productions Ca (Les)
(819) 379-3421
221, Rue Du Sanctuaire
Trois-Rivieres, QC
Edgaroma Inc
(819) 376-1302
983, Rue Har
Trois-Rivieres, QC
Co Vision
(819) 696-8404
506, Rue Bonaventure
Trois-Rivieres, QC
Inexcon Inc
(819) 371-9359
6965, Rue de la Grande-Hermine
Trois-Rivieres, QC
Landry Johanne Services-Conseils
(819) 370-3886
3630, Rue d'Auteuil
Trois-Rivieres, QC
Conseil-Clé Denis Perron
(819) 377-0282
717, Rue Champflour
Trois-Rivieres, QC
Gestion Totale (3R) Inc
(819) 379-4457
1320, 2E Rue
Trois-Rivieres, QC
André Filion Psychologie Industrielle Inc
(819) 374-7373
1500, Rue Royale
Trois-Rivieres, QC
Femmes Et Entrepreneuriat En Mauricie
(819) 370-1693
7175, Rue Marion
Trois-Rivieres, QC
SDM-Art-Gestion conseil
(450) 777-0846
570, Rue Rolland
Granby, QC
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