Factoring Saskatoon SK

Factoring is an alternative that businesses use when they need to generate positive cash flow to keep business running without having to take out a business loan. A factoring transaction is basically the sale of accounts receivable invoices at discount. There are three parties involved seller, factor and debtor. Once transaction occurs seller should never collect the payments made by the account debtor because it becomes factor’s responsibility. The receivables invoice is considered a financial asset that goes through a 3-step process; the factor will give seller an advance for invoices, then once debtor pays factor-factor will pay remaining reserve to seller, and lastly factor collects fee from seller. It’s a smart option only to be used when really needed. Here you will find competitive rates for factoring from the invoice factoring companies in Saskatoon, SK listed below.

Pacific & Western Bank Of Canada
(306) 244-1868
950 - 410 - 22Nd Street East
Saskatoon, SK
Office Hours
Mon - Fri: 8:30 - 4:00

Cherry Financial Services Inc
(306) 653-2313
350 Third Avenue South
Saskatoon, SK
Elliott & Associates Financial Services
(306) 343-1671
1216 - 8Th Street East
Saskatoon, SK
First Nations Bank Of Canada - Saskatoon Branch
(888) 454-3622
224 4Th Ave. South
Saskatoon, SK
(306) 668-1480
1004 8Th Street East
Saskatoon, SK
Kimber & Company Financial Services Ltd
(306) 842-6668
509 Railway Avenue Ne
Weyburn, SK
Sentinel Financial Management Corp
(306) 652-7225
300 - 128 - 4Th Avenue S
Saskatoon, SK
BMO Bank of Montreal
Campus Drive
Saskatoon, SK

BMO Bank of Montreal
(306) 934-5600
101 2Nd Ave N
Saskatoon, SK
Branch with ABM

Mcfaull Consulting Inc
(306) 665-0709
999 - 119 - 4Th Avenue S
Saskatoon, SK
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