Email Marketing Regina SK

Direct marketing is a form of advertising that has been around for years. It’s still around because it works. E-mail marketing is a form of direct marketing that involves email blasts sent to target customers for maximum benefit and exposure. Use blast emails to create a desire for consumers to want to be a part of your business. Get exclusive and try doing a by invitation only blast in the beginning and watch how fast people want to get involved. Get more ideas and information by contacting the email marketing services in Regina, SK listed below.

Breti Courier Service
(306) 761-3000
140 E 4th Ave
Regina, SK
Direct Integrated Transportation
(306) 757-5000
Regina, SK
Corporate Express
(306) 757-7669
1402 Rose St
Regina, SK
Excel Courier
(306) 351-0646
Regina, SK
Able Courier
(306) 789-2277
3607 Bishop Cres
Regina, SK
Dynamex Canada Corp
(306) 721-2345
1640 Broder St
Regina, SK
(306) 569-2338
Regina, SK
Ics Courier
(306) 359-3305
677 Henderson Dr
Regina, SK
Bus Depot (Saskatchewan Transportation Company)
(306) 787-3350
2048 Rose St
Regina, SK
Last Minute Delivery
(306) 581-2317
Regina, SK
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