Business Valuation Regina SK

Business valuation is extremely important for many reasons. You should know what a business is worth specially when considering buying or selling a business around Regina. There are different methods used to calculate business valuation and the reasons for using certain methods vary as much as the methods themselves. A business broker and or business valuation consultant can help you determine which method is best for your circumstance. The most popular methods used are income approach (discounted cash flow methodology), cost approach, market approach, and build-up method. Here you will find business valuation consultants in Regina, SK listed below.

Steffan's Accounting Services
(306) 949-9121
Regina, SK
Humble Brian N Chartered Accountant
(306) 721-2476
1850 McAra St
Regina, SK
Hansen & Associates
(306) 757-3400
4420 Albert St
Regina, SK
Kpmg Llp
(306) 757-4703
Regina, SK
Baker Watson Chartered Accountants
(306) 757-5821
Regina, SK
Marcia Herback Chartered Accountant
(306) 522-3311
2445 13th Ave
Regina, SK
Merv Culham Chartered Accountant
(306) 352-4994
2731 13th Ave
Regina, SK
Knight Chartered Accountant
(306) 924-0303
1919 Rose St
Regina, SK
Marceca Accounting Services
(306) 586-2726
Regina, SK
Pavlovsky Thomas Chartered Accountant
(306) 525-6500
1870 Albert St
Regina, SK
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