Business Valuation Gatineau QC

Business valuation is extremely important for many reasons. You should know what a business is worth specially when considering buying or selling a business around Gatineau. There are different methods used to calculate business valuation and the reasons for using certain methods vary as much as the methods themselves. A business broker and or business valuation consultant can help you determine which method is best for your circumstance. The most popular methods used are income approach (discounted cash flow methodology), cost approach, market approach, and build-up method. Here you will find business valuation consultants in Gatineau, QC listed below.

Howard Fine Jewellers & Custom Designers
(613) 238-3300
220 Sparks Street
Ottawa, ON
Don Thompson Jewellers Ltd
(613) 236-7722
117-181 Bank Street
Ottawa, ON
Goldform Manufacturing Jewellers Ltd
(613) 725-2210
161 Holland Avenue
Ottawa, ON
Trudel Jacques Comptable Agree
(819) 684-1177
24 Rue Principale
Gatineau, QC
St-Jean Benoit Compt Agree
(819) 281-3886
139 Rue Lamennais
Gatineau, QC
Watch Clinic
(613) 233-8672
431 Bank Street
Ottawa, ON
Bob Thompson Jewellery & Watch Repairs
(613) 233-4758
193 Bank Street
Ottawa, ON
Affiliated Appraisers Of Ottawa/Gatineau
(613) 728-3991
384 Richmond Road
Ottawa, ON
Lariviere Roland Ca
(819) 778-1299
168 Rue Jolicoeur
Gatineau, QC
Verville Louise Compt Agree
(819) 776-2233
15 Cholette St
Gatineau, QC
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